« I’ve been taking photographs since I was 15. In 10 years, my vocation for photography hasn’t stopped being an obsession either through practice or through studies: I have to work in this field. How to formulate the disturbing strangeness of the object in view; this is what I base my optical shot of the world on. »

« My studies are finished. Now I need to experiment and create works based on an urgent link to detail, because “God lives in the details”. Pascal’s thought represents, as you prefer, the outline or the backbone, even the problematics for a visual indiscretion on which I wish to base my work. As for the moral difficulties, I do want to trust my work to prove their hold over my view. »

« A vocation is by its nature inexpressible. No-one knows why one person decided to become a doctor/pilot and another a photographer. My vocation for photography resulted from being unable to use words as well as a yearning to be able to show. Secret particles, buried details, unexpected osmosis, the picture of the rim of an ear that can speak about a person, those are my subjects… »

« I’d like a photograph able to show the interstices, the minute moments when the world around me becomes a true mystery. From an early age, through my eyes, my life context always looked to me as if it was criss-crossed by huge uncertainties. My vocation is to turn them into permanent certainties: to notice them, to grab them and to change them into pictures. »

« After studying for three years at the Ecole Nationale de la Photographie in Arles, suddenly I’m let free, I’m sole judge of my choices, light, framing, etc… That’s how I started working with colours. I hope my work tells a story, forms a point of view, uses speed. My immediate plan is to build a series of pictures in contrast to the so-called normal vision of reality. »

Anne Pery, notes, 2000-2003